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Democrats Continue To Mourn Soleimani, Trump Must Win 2020 Or Iran Wins EVERYTHING!

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I think maybe these Democrats need a grief counselor, so distraught and upset are they over the killing of Soleimani.

Scoop posted earlier today about some of the crazy Democratic meltdowns over the situation in a rock and a run, but here are a couple you might have missed.

First is this amazing retread by Elizabeth Warren, who made the grievous error of referring to this terrorist murderer as a murderer in her tweet bashing Trump for taking action.

This is the original tweet.

But John Sexton at Hot Air noticed that all the Dems and leftists were attacking her for attacking Soleimani while attacking Trump. So she actually did a new tweet thread so as not to offend the MANY apparent Soleimani fans in her base.

Unreal. Then there’s this from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz today on CNN, stating EXPLICITLY her belief that Trump took this action to distract from impeachment.

Democrats are on the national cable news networks, literally offering conspiracy theories about the American foreign policy, with no evidence whatsoever, and the so-called journalists don’t even challenge them!!


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