Pocahontas Warren LIES AGAIN! Fakes Wealth Chart To Shame The Bad White Man

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This is pretty gross and appalling, if not remotely out of character for fake Native American Elizabeth Warren. She just can’t stop trying to profit off of manipulating race.

So her campaign put out this infographic that supposedly shows the 400 wealthiest Americans. It was shared online with the comment “equality is when the circles representing billionaires are racially diverse.”

But this guy noticed what was conspicuously missing:

Yup. And there’s more.

So once again Warren is busted using race. Only this time it was a whitewash instead of appropriation. And what a whitewash it was.

Once caught, they re-calibrated.

Of course people on Twitter rightly let them have it.

but there’s one thing to keep in mind, here:

Go figure.


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