Liberal Anti-Trump Rhetoric Leads To Pro-Trump Child Being Savagely Beaten By Peers…Yet Not A Single Democrat Has Apologized!

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In a gut-wrenching video now flooding social media, a boy is pummeled ruthlessly and hospitalized by a group of his fellow students. According to the young man’s mother, the vicious beating was all because of a pro-Trump hat.

The anonymous mom posted the shockingly violent clip Dec. 12.

The savage attack allegedly took place on a bus belonging to Florida’s Hamilton County School District, according to Foye Walker, the lawyer representing the victim.

“I am sitting in the hospital with my 14 year old kid because he was just jumped by 8 black kids on the school bus,” the victim’s mom wrote on Twitter. “I guess that’s what happens when a kid wears a Trump hat to school. And who’s the violent ones again? Earlier today they poured milk all over his head.”

“My attorney [Foye Walker] said it’s okay to release the video, warning graphic keep in mind this is only the first 21 seconds of the video…please RT to have these two girls and 3 boys held accountable.”

The shocking video can be seen below.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images and language that some viewers will find offensive.

According to the victim’s mother, the young man bought a hat celebrating President Donald Trump in late November with his own money. From there, things went downhill.

“He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again,” the mom wrote, “sadly the damage was already done & was now a target.

“From that point on he was steadily getting messed with. He was getting hit, tripped & verbally abused on the bus, but it all came to a head yesterday on his bus ride home.”

Although the boy initially didn’t tell his family, a nurse noticed bruises and older injuries on his body.

The ruthless beating, allegedly over a Trump hat, would fit right in with the left’s increasingly violent culture against conservatives.

Wearing a Trump hat may be a grievous offense to liberals, but the video hints that even when apparent anti-Trumpers resort to violence, it’s not on gentlemen’s terms. A group jumping a single person can hardly be called a fair fight.

Regardless of political differences, putting someone in the hospital for a hat is unquestionably wrong.

These kids aren’t alone in the blame — after all, prominent anti-Trumpers have made it a habit to call for violence against those supporting the president.

Although details of this case are still incomplete, one thing is for certain: Those behind this violent attack need to be held accountable for the brutality they inflicted on a seemingly innocent boy.

Update: Five students have been charged with misdemeanor battery in the attack.

Via WesternJournal

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