Socialist Healthcare WILDLY Unpopular, So Warren Punts By Using This Familiar Obama Tactic

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Congressional Democrats may have mostly forgotten for the moment, but the whole point of their existence — to win elections — is about to be tested. And while they’re stuck on impeachment, Trump’s approval rating is rising as Joe Biden faces Elizabeth Warren over the big Democratic nomination.

How’s Liz doing?

Like a lot of politicians, she’s certainly committed some notable gaffes.

After a long run highlighting her claim of being an American Indian — despite the advent of the mirror — she finally owned up: It was her parents’ fault (here).

Although, to be fair, she did admit at a bowling alley recently that she “shouldn’t have done it”:

In September, she decried the “legal bribery” of the Washington PAC system — the day before she hired a lobbyist…who then praised the impending victory of a politician who was “not for the rich…2020 is for us” — that would be, Elizabeth, with a net worth of $12 million.

In 2018, her campaign received at least $95,000 from lobbyists. Therefore, as I wrote in September:

So Elizabeth — who takes money from lobbyists — is against taking money from lobbyists.


Then at a November rally, Warren was told by an audience member that the United States supports murder and genocide. Her response: “I like your frame on this.”

And last month, Republican Senator John Barrasso ripped her somethin’ fierce over her Medicare for All pitch.

Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“She wants a complete takeover, by government, of American health care and if you are one of the 180 million Americans who gets your health insurance through work, you will lose it. And you will be forced on your one-size-fits-all health care government-run plan. And under this plan, two million Americans will lose their jobs.”


“Elizabeth Warren, this past weekend, came out with her health care plan and it is not surprising that it took so long for her to come out with it because it is dishonest and it is from fantasy land.”

Well, now she appears to be backtracking on her plan.

From The Daily Wire:

The Massachusetts Senator, who once touted herself as a “wonk,” has been under fire for her Medicare for All plan from both the right and the left for the last several weeks, after she claimed, in a town hall in Iowa, that she wouldn’t have to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for what amounts to a universal health care system more similar to nationwide Medicaid than “Medicare.”

Unlike her fellow progressive, Sanders, Warren refused to admit that her “wealth tax” and her “two cent tax” would pay for the program, even though experts say her proposed tax hikes would barely cover her student loan bailout, let alone her proposed vast expansion of the Federal government.

As reported by Bloomberg, there’s a new song:

After pushing the swift creation of a government-run health care system that would cover all Americans and eliminate private insurance, Warren is now emphasizing her calls for a transition period that would make it optional for most of her first term in office.

Elizabeth’s presently saying it won’t be mandatory. You may have heard this tune before: If you like your current plan, you can keep it.

Here’s Liz from Iowa over the weekend:

“We’re going to push through health care that’s available to everyone. You don’t have to, but it’s your choice, if you want to come in and get full health care coverage.”

But she doesn’t see any reason why anybody’d wanna keep their old plan:

“And then when people have a chance to try it, when you’ve had the choice — nobody has to but — when you’ve had the choice and tried full health care coverage, then we’ll vote. And I believe America is going to say, ‘We like Medicare for All.’”

But you may not get your chance — as Joe Biden looks for a shower to spray off  the mud from Ukraine, TDW notes Elizabeth’s having a real drag of a time, too: “[H]er poll numbers have plummeted more than 10 points since mid-October, leaving her grasping for early wins.”

Will she manage a comeback and make all your “free” healthcare dreams come true?

It’s all speeding up — next, we have a Senate address of impeachment, the outcry about partisan Republicans by partisan Democrats, and — perhaps — a potential wrench in the plans of both Elizabeth and Joe:

Who ya got??

Via RedState

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