Elizabeth Warren Attempts To Retake Democrat Lead By Teasing ‘All Female’ Ticket

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) signaled on Tuesday that if she wins her party’s nomination to the presidency, then she may likely chose a woman to be her running mate.

“My question is: what about a running mate?” A supporter asked during a campaign event in Altoona, Iowa. “Are you thinking of a woman?”

“So, let me just say two things,” Warren replied. “First, it would be entirely presumptuous of me to talk about running mates. I’m out here talking about why I’m running for president and asking for all of you to get out and caucus for me. That’s how I’m going to end this, I’m going to ask you to get out and caucus for me.”

“But I have got to say, why wouldn’t I have a woman for a running mate?” she continued, adding that she is “not cutting anybody off from this.” Warren also told the woman who asked the question that she is “thinking the right way.” – READ MORE

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