What A Monster! Hunter Biden Rushes To Blackout Finances So Love Child Won’t Receive Support!

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Hunter Biden appears to have put himself in a tough spot thanks to his alleged refusal to pay child support or medical cost for his Arkansas love child.

Now, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden is scrambling to seal his financial records as he stares down the barrel of a court case.

Documents obtained by the Daily Mail show that Biden filed the request with the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence on Wednesday.

Biden is currently in the middle of a court case with his child’s mother, who is demanding $11,000 of legal fees and unpaid child support.

This is seemingly a paltry sum for Biden, who was clearing $50,000 every month while serving on the board of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma Holdings.

Despite the jaw-dropping salary, Biden insists that he is in debt and has been unemployed for most of the year. The move to keep his financial records from the public eye would certainly keep information surrounding that claim from getting out.

According to his lawyers, the move is simply to ward off the media.

“The likelihood that Defendant’s private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by this Court,” the filing reads.

Biden’s lawyer claims the “extraordinary circumstances” surrounding his client make this a special case.

If denied, a public glimpse at Biden’s financials would likely only fan the flames of the Burisma scandal that is engulfing him and his father.

Even if Biden’s motion to hide his finances is a success, the trial will likely expose any slimy attempt to avoid responsibility for his own child.

Biden met his child’s mother while she was working at a Washington, D.C. area strip club and going by the name Dallas. She alleges that Biden has refused to pay any child support whatsoever.

The unlikely energy board member is allegedly no stranger to so-called gentleman’s clubs. Workers at a strip club in the nation’s capital allege that Biden was smoking crack cocaine in the club’s VIP room just last year.

Biden’s alleged problem with crack seemingly fit with the drug’s highly addictive nature and his past brushes with the narcotic.

He was not only booted from the Navy for failing his drug problem, but a rental car linked to Biden in 2016 was found to contain a crack pipe along with his identification.

Depending on what the Arkansas court decides, Biden’s alleged crack habit could be the least of his problems.

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