Democrats Begin To LEAVE PARTY Over ‘Third-World-Style’ Impeachment Embarrassment!

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Far from leading a bipartisan attempt to save the American republic, Democrats can’t even seem to get their party on the same page when it comes to impeaching President Donald Trump.

Now, one Democratic lawmaker is sounding off over his party’s impeachment push, likening the process to something you’d see in a European nation’s power struggle or in a destitute third-world country.

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew spoke about his opposition to the impeachment process during a recent episode of “Maria Bartiromo’s Insiders” on Fox Nation.

“We have to understand, impeachment is something that’s supposed to be exceptionally unusual. It is supposed to be bipartisan. It is supposed to be fair,” Van Drew said.

Van Drew and Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson, both Democrats, turned heads when they voted against an impeachment resolution pushed by their own party weeks ago.

With the exception of those two rebels, the vote was largely split down party lines.

Van Drew and Peterson might be the only two House Democrats who see impeachment for what it really is — a powerful tool in the constitutional system of checks and balances that should only be used in grave circumstances.

Instead, it seems the left is using the hallowed process as a method to undo the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“This has nothing to do with whether you like Donald Trump, or don’t like him, or want to see him have a second term or win in an election,” Van Drew said.

“This has to do with the institution of impeachment itself and not misusing it.”

Although Van Drew may not be a fan of Trump himself, that doesn’t mean he wants to see him impeached.

The impeachment process “should be rarely used,” he told Fox Nation.

Many other Democrats, who have been calling for the Trump’s removal since his first day in office, seem to have a different view.

But not Van Drew, who said the impeachment of a president is “more like something you would see in Europe or third-world nations.”

Instead of trying to oust an elected official, the lawmaker hopes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others will begin working with the president to pass meaningful and effective legislation.

Citing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the need to improve America’s infrastructure as two things that Republicans and Democrats largely agree on, Van Drew suggested much can be accomplished if impeachment is shelved.

“So wouldn’t it be wonderful at the end of this presidency, to the benefit of both political parties, but most of all, to the benefit of Americans,” Van Drew said, “if we actually got some of these very important issues finished and taken care of instead?”

“We have a job. We need to do it,” the lawmaker said, “whether we always like each other or not, whether we’re the same party or not, whether we agree on everything or not. That’s the deal, that’s what we need to do.”

Unfortunately for America, it doesn’t look like Democrats are ready to throw in the towel on impeachment just yet.

Despite the fact that their case against Trump seems to be crumbling more and more by the minute, most Democrats appear determined to see this impeachment process out to its ugly conclusion.

Via WesternJournal

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