We’ve Heard Some Real CRAZY Conspiracy Theories…But This Deranged Never-Trumper Just Took The Cake!

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Looney Never-Trump pundit Cheri Jacobus took to Twitter with a bizarre conspiracy theory about President Donald Trump’s doctor visit over the weekend.

Last year, Jacobus was dropped as a columnist by USA Today, and ostracized by other outlets she previously contributed to, after vile tweets attacking Trump ally Michael Caputo’s toddler daughters and asking if they could be used at Epstein sex parties “so they can survive when you’re broke, bitter, along and in prison for treason?”

On Saturday, President Trump went to Walter Reed Hospital for a checkup. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that he was “healthy” and “without complaints” after the visit, but that didn’t stop the unhinged Jacobus from spreading her bizarre theories.

Jacobus wrote that the visit was an “excuse” in case he needs to resign, and so that he can get a pardon from Vice President Mike Pence.

“Trump’s annual physical isn’t until February but he’s going in now for ‘portions’ of it? He just needs a an excuse in case he needs to resign and get a ‘compassion’ pardon from Pence,” Jacobus claimed.

Jacobus is most well known for losing a $4 million defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump in December 2017 after he called her a “real dummy.” She has also attacked Republican voters as “stupid” and “racist,” though she still claims to be one.

Via GatewayPundit

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