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  • We’ve Heard Some Real CRAZY Conspiracy Theories…But This Deranged Never-Trumper Just Took The Cake!


    Looney Never-Trump pundit Cheri Jacobus took to Twitter with a bizarre conspiracy theory about President Donald Trump’s doctor visit over the weekend. Last year, Jacobus was dropped as a columnist by USA Today, and ostracized by other outlets she previously contributed to, after vile tweets attacking Trump ally Michael Caputo’s toddler daughters and asking if […] More

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  • New York Appeals Court Just Tossed Out This $4 Million Lawsuit Against President Trump

    A New York appeals court tossed out a $4 million defamation suit against President Donald Trump from a Republican consultant alleging that the president damaged her career by calling her a “real dummy” on Twitter. The five-judge panel on the Manhattan appeals court, the Appellate Division First Department, ruled that a lower court’s January decision to dismiss […] More

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