WATCH: Yovanovitch Worse Testimony Than Taylor Plus She Makes A MAJOR SLIP Exposing Biden!

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Rep. Elise Stefanik was not allowed by Schiff to question Yovanovitch until the 5 minute rounds began, but when Stefanik did question her, she exposed how Yovanovitch had testified in Schiff’s secret hearings that the Obama State Department was very concerned about Hunter Biden working for Burisma and the conflict of interest it posed:

Stefanik points out that Yovanovitch testified that she participated in practice confirmation hearings in the Obama administration, taking practice questions specifically regarding Hunter Biden being hired on Burisma’s board.

Stefanik then drops her payload:

“So for the millions of Americans watching, President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping this wonderful ambassador nominee before her confirmation. And yet our Democratic colleagues and the chairman of this committee cry foul when we dare ask that same question that the Obama state department was so concerned about.”

So there you go. It was a huge concern for Obama’s own state department but nobody else is allowed to bring it up? And remember, this ‘prepping’ was well before Biden’s infamous comments on it that gave life to Republican concerns about it.

Levin responded to Stefanik’s testimony this way:

Levin also wasn’t buying what Yovanovitch was selling in earlier testimony:


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