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Things Get Ugly REAL QUICK After Hillary Clinton Lectures Trump About ‘Witness Intimidation’

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As expected, on Day Three of Schiff’s show trial impeachment inquiry proceedings there was high drama once again on Capitol Hill as former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch appeared before the House Intelligence Committee to provide her witness testimony.

After President Trump took to the Twitter machine as she testified to express his opinion on Yovanovitch, the mainstream media, Democrats, and Never Trumpers alike all screamed in horror that Trump was guilty of “witness intimidation.”

This in spite of the fact that the former ambassador would have had no way of knowing about Trump’s tweet had Schiff not taken it upon himself to READ IT to her as she testified. It was a classic move by the circus ringmaster, done for maximum effect in front of the cameras, knowing what the reactions of The Usual Suspects would be.

My Red State colleague Streiff has already written a good explainer as to why Trump’s comments were not even close to “witness intimidation”, but such rational arguments were not on the mind of failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who jumped on the “it was witness intimidation” bandwagon herself in a tweet posted earlier today:

Considering all the Jeffrey Epstein memes that have been floating around for months after his mysterious death back in August – memes which insinuate that the Clintons might have had something to do with his alleged “suicide”, it was probably not a good idea for Clinton to weigh in on this specific matter.

Twitter users let her know it:

Hillary probably should have sat this one out.

Via RedState

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