Adam Schiff’s ‘Star Witness’ Bill Taylor Admits He Had ZERO First-Hand Dealings On Ukraine…Only Source Was FAKE NEWS NYT!

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House investigators on Wednesday released the transcript of Schiff’s star impeachment witness Bill Taylor’s testimony to the Intel Committee to the public.

Bill Taylor is the anti-Trump Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and Schiff’s star witness who was also involved with the whistleblower early on.

Recall, newly released travel documents revealed that Adam Schiff’s staffer took a Burisma Group-funded trip to Ukraine 12 days after the ‘whistleblower’ filed a complaint against Trump and met with US Ambassador Bill Taylor.

Bill Taylor crumbled under Congressman Lee Zeldin’s questioning and admitted his source for information about Trump dealings with Ukraine related to the Biden crime family and Burisma was the New York Times.

The New York Republican lawmaker blasted Bill Taylor on Wednesday for using the New York Times as his sole source of information for believing the reason President Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Ukrainians’ interference with the 2016 election and Burisma Holdings was just to get dirt on Biden.

Bill Taylor does not have first-hand knowledge of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine — in fact, a text message from Bill Taylor expressing his alarm over Trump withholding military aid referenced a Politico article, not independent information he received.

Zeldin asked, “What was [Trump’s] goal of requesting investigations into 2016 election and Burisma?”

“As I understand it from one of the — maybe the article in the New York Times about Mr. Giuliani’s interest in Burisma, in that article, he describes, and I think he quotes Giuliani at some length, that article indicates that Giuliani was interested in getting some information on Vice President Biden that would be useful to Mr. Giuliani’s client…” Bill Taylor replied.

When Congressman Zeldin pushed Taylor, he admitted his ONLY source for this info is the fake news New York Times.

Zeldin asked, “So do you have any other source that the President’s goal in making this request was anything other that The New York Times?”

“I have not talked to the President. I have no other information from what the President was thinking,” Bill Taylor replied.

The exchange between Bill Taylor and Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) also totally destroyed the quid pro quo narrative.

Via GatewayPundit

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