Democrat Congresswoman Slips, Admits Witnesses Are Telling Very Different Stories Than What Lying Schiff Wants Us To Believe!

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Publicly, Democratic Party leaders say that they’re closer than ever to impeaching President Donald Trump and throwing him out of office — but when the cameras shut down, they’re telling a much different story.

They admit that things are falling apart, witnesses can’t keep their stories straight and now one of them has made the mistake of confessing the whole thing on camera.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-Calif., spilled the truth.

Speier sits on the House Intelligence Committee, so she has a front row seat as her fellow Democrats conduct their one-party, Soviet-style “impeachment inquiry” behind closed doors.

We’re hearing conflicting recall of what actually took place,” Speier said. “So I think getting more certitude in that regard is going to be helpful to us.”

To put that into plain English, the witnesses contradict one another because they either don’t remember the story the same way, or they’re lying.

You can hear Speier spilling the beans on her fellow Democrats below:

Right now, impeachment-crazed Democrats have so little confidence in the witnesses that they can’t come up with one simple story about the president’s supposed “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“What’s going to be important to us (Democrats) as we move forward is to drill down on many of these conversations that took place,” Speier said.

The California Democrat isn’t exactly the second coming of the more moderate Tulsi Gabbard. The non-partisan website calls her “a hardcore liberal” — so what do you think that says that even a hard leftist is finding this whole impeachment sham hard to swallow?

Speier’s comment blows a hole in the media narrative that impeachment is a huge success, and that the Democrats have President Trump in the early stages of a nervous breakdown.


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