If You Liked ‘Joker’, AOC Wants You To Stay Out Of The Bronx

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If you still haven’t seen that movie where the Joker runs around without Batman chasing him, join the club. I’m sure it’s as great as everybody’s saying, and it deserves the billion dollars it’ll probably make, but I can wait till it’s on home video. Besides, I still feel guilty about not seeing Captain Marvel in the theater, even though it featured a strong female protagonist and anybody who didn’t see it and like it was a misogynist. So avoiding Joker too will even things out.

It’s the least I can do for the SJWs. They’re really bummed out that their predictions of incel violence and whatnot haven’t come to pass. And nobody seems to care that there’s a Gary Glitter song in it, even though that means the movie is promoting pedophilia or something. The whole thing has been a bitter disappointment for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left. They just hate it when their fervently wished apocalyptic predictions don’t come true.

Fortunately for them, the movie is causing one unexpected problem they can complain about: Instagram “influencers” flocking to that instantly famous concrete staircase.

Jesse Vad, Gothamist:

Thanks to Joaquin Phoenix’s dance moves in Joker, the stairs connecting Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx are the most famous set of steps in New York City right now. They have their own Instagram hashtag with over 700 tagged photos, and were also added to Google Maps as a “religious site” (the designation has since been removed)…

Posters warning sightseers have been taped to lampposts and walls along the staircase. “It is disrespectful to treat our community and residents as a photo opportunity,” the fliers read.

Some locals want the tourists to go away. But then, anywhere in the world you find tourists, there are locals who want them to go away.

Since this is about the Bronx, it’s inevitable that somebody would ask AOC about it. Or at least it’s inevitable that TMZ would:

“Keep your Instagram posts outside of the Boogie Down! This is for us!” But she says it with a smile, you guys. She’s just being a… joker.

It’s a close call, but Instagram “influencers” are even more annoying than AOC. So I’m gonna go with her on this one. If the Joker were real, the first people he’d kill would be all the Instagram narcissists pretending to be the Joker. And that’s what makes him a hero for our times.

Via PJMedia

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