It Begins…YouTube Begins To Choke Out Democrat Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard

At 4:00 PM EST today, Conservative comedian Steven Crowder and his late-night show team broke what may prove to be the most damning evidence against “big tech” in terms of its political censorship. They discovered that YouTube began actively hiding content from Congresswoman and Democratic Candidate for President Tulsi Gabbard’s YouTube channel. While this isn’t anything new, as YouTube has repeatedly and brazenly throttled and even deleted content that they don’t agree with ideologically, this instance has a new twist. Gabbard’s content was throttled in search results brought up when searching for her content, and only in the US. To be clear, this means that if anyone outside of the US searches for Tulsi Gabbard’s content, it will appear in the first page of search results, as it should. But if someone in the US searches for Gabbard’s content, it is buried in the search results. While Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard filed a suit against YouTube some time ago for suspected unfair treatment, this is a clear escalation in the war of information on the part of YouTube. Crowder and his lawyer, Mr. Bill Richmond, have both taken to the airwaves to announce that they are more than happy to testify in any subsequent investigations or hearings in this matter, and plan on bringing their evidence to bear.


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