WATCH: Project Veritas Delivers — Drops The DAMNING Video CNN Doesn’t Want You To See!

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James O’Keefe has been promising some new dirt on CNN from an insider that is leaking video and other goodies.

That promo showed a video of what is clearly a private phone conference and it was from THIS MORNING! Here’s more from O’Keefe:

Well they just dropped their video, here it is:

Now this is just a teaser video, it’s not the full video, but it shows a pretty good selection of clips of the goods that Veritas got. The full video will be uploaded to YouTube, we’ll post as soon as it is available.

It shows a CNN employees talking about Jeff Zucker and his “personal vendetta” against Trump. In one part of it, it shows Zucker personally advocating to change the content on CNN, and pushing for impeachment. This is pretty big.

AND, O’Keefe’s leaker is coming out publicly:

Below is the full video that O’Keefe just uploaded for you to watch:


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