Need A Good Laugh? Watch Tom Shillue Expertly Roast Adam Schiff!

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Saturday Night Live used to be funny. But it’s been hit or miss for a long time, with more miss than hit.

They could take a lesson from Greg Gutfeld and Tom Shillue.

It’s too common to parody President Donald Trump.

What you really need is a parody of the man who thinks he can conduct an impeachment without a vote on an inquiry, who thinks he can hold hearings in secret and the American people wouldn’t question it.

You need a parody of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Now some might say that Schiff himself is a parody of a congress person. And while there is something to be said for that, certainly, perhaps it’s good to have one that amuses us rather than one which infuriates us.

Shillue delivered a masterful impersonation of Schiff, right down to the eyes.

If you need a laugh, here you go.

Yikes, that’s pretty much straight on. Hilariously funny and downright creepy at the same time.

Although next time, Shillue should practice how to parody leaking out of committee meetings to media.

Gutfeld is right amidst the humor.

If Schiff really thinks he can take down a president and change election results because they lost, he’s going to find some very unhappy Americans giving him a very different message come November 2020.

And that’s no joke.

Via RedState


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