Thunberg’s UNHINGED, Anxiety-Riddled UN Speech Prompts Psychologists To Tell Liberals, ‘Lay Off The Children Scare Tactics…For Their Mental Health!’

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Climate anxiety means that the kids are NOT alright.

The constant talk about climate change is causing kids to suffer from mental health issues.

Kids are feeling that the problem is out of their control and are suffering from feelings hopelessness along with anxiety that the world as they know it will come to an end unless extreme action is taken immediately.

Child psychologist Andrew Greenfield explained that ‘eco-anxiety’ comes from young people feeling ‘helpless’ about the environment.

‘[Eco-anxiety] is some form of anxiety about where the world is heading when it comes to climate change,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘To some degree, the anxiety stems from kids lack of ability to control what is happening.

‘They want change but they feel helpless to some degree to be able to get that change.’

Children are highly impressionable and believe what the adults around them tell them is true. The catastrophic language used when discussing climate change is part of the problem.

The “settled science” isn’t even all that settled. Recently, ClashDaily reported that a letter signed by 500 scientists and professionals was sent to the United Nations stating that there is no climate emergency.

Yet, kids get the climate hysteria in schools, activism from climate grifters like Al Gore, and leftwing politicians, celebrities, and the Media(D). There’s also the weird, cult-like “othering” of anyone who dares disagree with a single point of climate change as a “climate denier.”

Pushed to the forefront of this climate activism is 16-year old Swedish, autistic girl, Greta Thunberg, who started a “climate strike” last year and has become the face of the movement.

In her speech to the United Nations, she cried and said that she was angry with adults for “looking for hope” from children. While leftists applaud and cheer her, she denounces the Green New Deal proposals as “not enough” and wants to implement extreme measures by fiat.

‘Everyone sees her emotion, it was quite an emotional speech that she made,’ Mr Greenfield said.

‘To me, I encourage kids to try and research as much as they can.

‘It’s very difficult to know what to believe for a lot of these kids as well. They’ve got to believe what people around them believe, what their teachers say, what their parents say and what their friends say.’


It’s not as if the world is going to stop tomorrow because of what’s happening… It’s a while away but in the meantime we’ve got to get on with our lives and put things into perspective.’

Thunberg is upset that Western countries won’t toss aside capitalism and change our entire way of life in order to push the “emergency brake” on emissions in order to combat climate change.

It’s not a simple either/or as Greta Thunberg claims it is. But then, she is a teenager and idealism tends to be the norm at this point of life when the brain is not yet fully developed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison hit back against Greta’s hardline stance on global warming, and said ‘we’ve got to let kids be kids.’

He said children need to be protected from ‘needless anxiety’ and reminded the younger generation that they live in a ‘wonderful country and pristine environment.’

‘I don’t want our children to have anxieties about these issues,’ he said.

‘They will also have an economy to live in as well.’

Do we want all kids to end up as sad and angry as Greta?

That’s her goal and the goal of the activists behind her.

Just don’t call her “mentally ill” (despite the mental illnesses that Greta’s mother wrote about in her book,) or you’ll no longer be welcome on Fox News. 

By the way, since Greta used a 60′ multi-million dollar carbon fiber racing yacht for her “zero emissions trip” and crew members had to fly back to retrieve it… how is she getting back to Sweden after her tour of North America?

I guess she’ll just grab the next multi-million dollar racing yacht with solar panels and water turbines.

Via Clashdaily

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