BREAKING: FBI Investigating Democrats For Stealing From $640 Million In Federal Aid for Flint Water Crisis

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Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff, in an op-ed piece detailing the corruption at the highest levels of government in the city of Detroit, broke news that two sources revealed criminal indictments in the misappropriation of the $640 million in federal funds allocated to Flint after the water crisis.

The information was revealed to him after he noticed work had stalled on many of the projects supposedly covered by the funds and went to City Hall to make inquiries.

From Deadline Detroit:

Lead water pipe replacements are still not complete. Those contracts are under federal investigation by the FBI and EPA, according to internal government documents to which I was made privy.

What happened to the money?

The city council has accused the mayor and her right-hand man of steering work to a preferred contractor who had lost previous rounds of bidding. I am told by two sources that there are sealed indictments, a grand jury and confidential informants involved. It’s important to say that more than $640 million was allocated to Flint after the water poisoning. Today, it’s hard to see where it went.

Who, specifically, is under indictment and whether any charges will come is unknown. However, if history is any guide, we’re not going to hold our breath that actual justice will come to yet another corrupt Democrat-controlled city.

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