Man Abuses Then Murders His Own Teenage Daughter Because White Privilege And ‘Modern Slavery’ Made Him Do It

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A Kansas City man convicted of murdering and sexually assaulting his teenage daughter blamed racism and the institution of slavery during his sentencing hearing.

Jerry Bausby, 43, was sentenced to two consecutive life-terms in prison on Friday by a Jackson County judge, KCUR reported.

18-year-old Daizsa Bausby was found dead in a Jackson County motel in March 2016. Soon after, forensic and DNA evidence linked her father to the crime. In July, a jury convicted the elder Bausby of second-degree murder, first-degree sodomy, incest and sexual abuse.

“He was supposed to protect her and instead he killed her,” La’Kenya Bausby said about her sister while delivering a victim impact statement last week.

“He’s a monster,” she added.

The girls’ maternal aunt, Gaye Martin, told the court she was appalled by Bausby’s unwillingness to take responsibility or show remorse.

Bausby referred to the murder of his daughter as an “extremely unfortunate occurrence” and told the court “the incest virus made its way to me.”

Denying culpability for his daughter’s death, Bausby claimed he was a victim.

According to a release from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Bausby mentioned his daughter only once when he took the stand and spoke for 45 minutes.

“He blamed racism and what he viewed as slavery in modern America as forming him into what he was,” the release said.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker told KCUR on Friday that she was disturbed by the cruelty of Bausby’s actions.

“This is one of the most horrific, vile ways to die that I have ever seen, in my 20 years of service in this court,” she told the outlet. “He took her life for his own sick, demented sexual pleasure. I see no silver linings in this. No comfort for the pain of those who mourn.”

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