Leftist BUSTED Impersonating Trump Supporter To Infiltrate Trump Rallies to Cause “DISRUPTION”

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During the 2016 election cycle, a Project Veritas video was released which exposed a tactic used by Democrat agitators, supported by the Hillary Campaign, to attend and instigate violence at Republican events.  The idea was, according to Americans United for Change organizer Scott Foval, an effort to paint Trump events as chaotic and his supporters as violent and crazy.

Foval said that, “The whole point is that we know Trump’s people will freak the fuck out, his security team will freak out, and his supporters will lose their shit.”

“If you’re there and you’re protesting and you do these actions, you will be attacked at Trump rallies. That’s what we want,” Foval added.

The Project Veritas video forced Americans United for Change to fire Foval and one other operative. The news received almost no coverage from the mainstream media and has been largely forgotten.

There may, however, be a new tactic that Trump supporters need to be aware of when attending future rallies.  Instead of simply attempting to instigate Trump supporters, the new tactic appears to be simply dressing up as his supporters while causing disruption.

This tactic has come to light after a left-wing operative outed herself by posting the scheme in a review of a costume wig being sold on Amazon.

The operative, Kelly Janice Weber, posted in the review, “This wig was perfect for hiding my identity when I disrupted a Trump rally from the inside!  It covered my very ‘progressive’ dreads and let me blend in with all the conservatives.  It will get much more use in the future!”

She’s also quite vocal about the tactic and her recent disruptions on her Twitter feed

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