WATCH: Ivanka Trump Handles Her Critics With Class While Answering The ONE Question On Everyone’s Mind

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Ivanka Trump, a White House adviser and a daughter of President Donald Trump, in a new interview defended the role she plays in the administration.

In an interview on Fox News airing on Sunday, she told host Steve Hilton she felt she had important work to do in moving the economic agenda along and working on jobs initiatives for the country’s behalf.

“The convening function within government is critical,” Ivanka Trump told Hilton during an exclusive interview to be shown on Sunday, as Fox News noted.

“And it’s something that I bring — and probably because I came from the private sector, I realize the efficiency, the nimbleness, the solutions that the private sector brings to every challenge that is out there, whether it’s innovation or job creation.”

Critics have questioned and wondered about her role in the administration — and “conservatives, in particular, suspected that both she and husband Jared Kushner secretly opposed aspects of the president’s agenda,” Fox News also noted.

“It seems to me that conservatives in particular should appreciate that role as a catalyst,” Hilton told her while the two spoke on camera in Alabama. “Because you’re making change happen, not through expanding government, not through spending taxpayer money, not through passing new laws and regulations,” he said. – READ MORE

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