AOC And Pelosi Draw Lines, Prepare To Destroy The Democratic Party From The Inside!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has always been at war with Nancy Pelosi. They’ve had temporary cessation of hostilities from time to time, but the war has never been over. And the latest lull in hostilities is clearly over, as AOC and the wing of the party she leads – and make no mistake, she leads it – have had enough of the “moderate” (lol) wing overseen by the iron fist of Pelosi and the weirdly-named Steny Hoyer.

AOC opened fire on Twitter last night. The freshman Dem said the bigger scandal isn’t Trump’s, but her own party not doing what she wants them to about Trump.

The first best reaction was from @neontaster, who summed up the whole deal in a few words.

After that, the Democrat Twitter sheep began to take sides and draw lines.

Pelosi’s Twitter has been silent.

You may think to yourself, “who cares what these Democrats are doing, they can’t impeach anyway,” but that’s the wrong way to look at it. You see these Democrats are coming to terms with their new reality, and that reality is that the lunatic base they’ve pandered to and mollycoddled forever now have a bunch of children in elected office that are shaking their rattles and throwing their temper tantrums. And it’s going to mess them up big. Might even cost them the election.

How much more will it cost them over the next 4 or 8 years? Another PAIR of elections? Their legislation? The SUPREME COURT?

It’s hilarious, y’all. Don’t you see it? Get that popcorn.


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