Gun-Grabber Alyssa Milano BRAGS About Owning Multiple Guns After ADMITTING She Suffers From Mental Illness

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Liberal gun-grabbing actress Alyssa Milano responded Wednesday to criticism of her revelation that she keeps two guns at home for “self-defense,” saying her views on gun control are “pretty logical.”

Milano had opened up about her gun collection during a sit-down Tuesday with Sen. Ted Cruz at his office on Capitol Hill. Billed as a gun debate, the live-streamed encounter turned out to be more of a conversation.

Milano, accompanied by fellow gun-control activists, argued for universal background checks on guns and ammunition and restricting access to AR-15s. Cruz, a Texas Republican, argued for a Second Amendment right to self-defense.

At one point, Milano interrupted the conversation to declare: “By the way, I have two guns in my household for self-defense, just so you know.”

Milano later elaborated on her views in an interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo, which she tweeted out to her 3.6 million followers.

As in her meeting with Cruz, Milano said she lives in fear of gun violence and supports the Second Amendment.

“I made it very clear we don’t want to take all guns from all people,” she told Cuomo. “We want to take certain guns away from certain people. We want to reduce the lives lost from this epidemic in this country.”

The host responded: “Yeah, you just have two different sides of thinking about how to be safe. One side is less guns, the other side is more guns.”

Apparently, the “mentally ill” aren’t part of the group that Milano would like to see guns removed from.  Just last November she admitted to suffering from mental illness.

It’s starting to sound like the only ones that need their gun rights revoked are ones not named “Alyssa Milano”.

Twitter users, luckily, weren’t ready to let go of her gun ownership. They accused her of hypocrisy for wanting to take away guns from others while keeping her own stash.

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