Great News New Yorkers, Housing Will Become MORE AFFORDABLE…But Only For Illegal Aliens

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Illegal aliens living in New York City, New York will soon be eligible to rent subsidized housing, which is already limited in quantity amid a homeless crisis and skyrocketing rents.

This week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled out new eligibility rules that will allow the city’s some 725,000 illegal alien residents to apply for subsidized, affordable housing — which has historically been reserved for American taxpayers.

The rules will no longer mandate that those applying to live in affordable housing show their credit rating, a legitimate Social Security number, and documents proving them to be a taxpayer. Instead, applicants will only have to prove that they paid rent on time every month for a year, a plan that is likely to allow thousands of illegal aliens to obtain affordable housing units over American citizens.

De Blasio has hoped to increase the number of affordable housing units to 300,000 by 2026, a limited amount for a city with more than 8.5 million residents, the majority of whom are renters who have had to deal with increasing housing prices.

Already, as Bloomberg News notes, the city receives more than 500 applications for each available affordable housing unit that currently exists with the stricter rules. That number is expected to significantly increase when the new rules open the application process to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and temporary foreign workers on various visa programs, shutting out more and more Americans from cheaper housing. – READ MORE

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