And Just Like That, The Public Lost ALL INTEREST In Impeaching Trump!

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Monmouth University poll published Thursday shows a majority of Americans oppose attempts to impeach President Trump, while Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee move forward with the idea anyway.

“The latest Monmouth University Poll finds that about one-fifth of those who disapprove of Trump’s job performance join nearly all of those who approve of the president to say that moving ahead with an impeachment inquiry is a bad idea,” the pollster reports.

“Only 1-in-5 Americans think that an impeachment trial would actually lead to Trump’s removal from office.  Opinion is mixed in terms of how this could impact the 2020 elections, but there are some indications in the poll that surviving an impeachment trial could provide a small net boost for Trump’s reelection effort.”

Data shows support for impeachment is at its lowest level since Monmouth University began asking about the possibility two years ago, with a mere 35 percent of Americans backing the idea of forcing Trump from office, compared to 59 percent who oppose. – READ MORE

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