Tlaib And Omar Circulate DISGUSTINGLY Anti-Semitic Cartoon From Artist That Called For The Death Of Americans And Mocks Holocaust Victims!

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Well this was a mistake. We can’t expect people to google everything anyone has ever done before sharing their work — indeed, the media has nailed Trump for doing the same on twitter. BUT, in this case, it really fits a pattern with these extremist fringe democrats.

That cartoon, on its own, isn’t that bad, it’s just factually incorrect.

But that cartoonist has created some really offensive, very awful hateful images:

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. The commie squad is proving so extreme that I think most Democrats will reject their far-left bigotry, and it will just embolden those on the right. Just look at Bill Maher, who got a lot of applause for calling out the BS of the BDS movement, and how Tlaib responded. Your extremism is just not supported by Americans…


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