2020 Dem Candidates Scheme To Drum Up ‘Major Looming Recession’…Unless You Vote Socialist

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Bill Maher has said more than once that a recession would totally be worth it in order to evict the current White House resident (here), but Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow made his opinion clear on Fox News Sunday: There’s nothing of the sort awaiting.

Guest host Dana Periono asked Larry about the President’s actions to prevent the Big One, particularly given that short-term Treasury bonds dropped below that of longer-term bonds last week. Such a tank can foreshadow recession; in fact, the fall caused 2019’s  worst single-day loss for stocks so far.

But Mr. Kudlow said The Donald’s doings are motoring things right along:

“The Trump pro-growth program, which I believe has been succeeding, we’re going to stay with that.”

And, to put it bluntly, the notion of a recession’s hogwash:

“There’s no recession on the horizon. What’s wrong with a little optimism?”

Larry was a busy man Sunday — he also guested on NBC’s Meet the Press, where Chuck Todd called him on the carpet a bit.

The host pointed out that Larry was similarly confident in 2017, just before the Great Recession — Larry fouled up.

And he fessed up:

“I plead guilty to that.”

But he still believes we’re fine.

Pete Buttigieg, for what it’s worth, disagrees. He told CNN’s State of the Union as much:

“We’ve got an economy not working for most Americans. … Most Americans can’t get ahead. … And the President had made it abundantly clear he doesn’t care.”


Pete claimed we’re “probably” on the cusp of an economic descent.

Maybe Bill Maher will get his wish after all.

Then again, Buttigieg may not have the best judgement — just ask Black Lives Matter.

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