KY AG Nominee Drops A Truth Bomb! Democrats Need To Show Respect And ‘Stop Telling Black Americans How to Think’

On Thursday, Daniel Cameron, the Republican nominee for attorney general in Kentucky, urged his fellow black Americans to think for themselves and reject the Democratic Party’s narrative.

“My message is pretty simple: The Democratic Party needs to stop telling black Americans how to think,” Cameron told Brian Kilmeade, filling in for Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“I’m a proud Republican,” Cameron continued. “I believe in the values of this party. I’m proud to stand with Donald Trump, who endorsed me recently, and help him fight illegal immigration, stand up for the sanctity of life, and fight against socialism.”

He encouraged similar independent thinking among other black Americans.

“The black community is told, day in and day out, that they have to speak with one voice and that’s the voice of the Democratic Party. I don’t subscribe to that belief,” Cameron said. “I think we ultimately need to have a diverse group of folks that are on both sides of the aisle. I’m a Republican and proud of it, and stand with our president, day in and day out.”

Kilmeade pressed him, however, on the recent Quinnipiac poll finding that 84 percent of black voters in Ohio would support former Vice President Joe Biden over Trump.

“I feel differently because the values that I hold are consistent with the party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, and the party of Trump, the Republican Party. And so I’m honored to stand with the president,” Cameron said. “Look, here in Kentucky, in the primary on May 21, I won 104 of 120 counties. There’s often a narrative that Republicans don’t embrace folks that look like me, but we’ve pushed back against that narrative in Kentucky.”

Since Cameron previously served as general counsel to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Kilmeade asked him about the protests outside McConnell’s house. One protest featured death threats against the senator, as a Black Lives Matter leader yelled, “Just stab the mother f**ker in the heart!”

The attorney general candidate called the protests “disheartening,” but added, “we’ve become accustomed to seeing Democrats who preach tolerance … but are often intolerant when it comes to individuals who have a different view or belief system than them. I’m here to say enough is enough, and that folks that look like me should feel that there’s an opportunity for them in the Republican Party.”

Cameron also pushed back against baseless claims that Trump is a white nationalist or a white supremacist. “I’m here to push back on that. I was in the Oval Office just a couple weeks ago,” when Trump endorsed his campaign.

“The president is fighting day in and day out against socialism, he’s fighting day in and day out against illegal immigration, he’s fighting for the sanctity of life,” the candidate said. He approved of those values, and was proud to receive Trump’s endorsement.

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