WATCH: Al Sharpton Told To Take A Hike, Called A Phony By Baltimore Residents!

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Fed up African American residents of Baltimore demanded that MSNBC rabblerouser and tax cheat Al Sharpton “go back to New York” when Sharpton visited the city recently.

Sharpton was in Baltimore to capitalize on the supposed “racist” remarks that President Donald Trump tweeted about the “rat-infested” City of Baltimore.

Of course, Sharpton is all in it for himself, and several residents of Baltimore fully understood that fact. As Sharpton stood with a group of local leaders before the mics, a man came out of the crowd and yelled, “go back to New York.”

Another black man yelled, “You’re just a hustler,” at Sharpton.

“Our schools are failing us, where were you when our schools were failing? Go back where you came from,” the man added.

These residents apparently agree with President Donald Trump’s assessment that Al Sharpton is just a conman.

“I have known Al for 25 years,” Trump tweeted. Trump said they went to boxing matches together with promoter Don King and “always got along well.”

Maybe African Americans are finally waking up to realize that Sharpton is nothing but a conman and hustler?

Al Sharpton is not just a furious self-promoter. He is also one of America’s biggest tax cheats. According to an investigation by the left-wing New York Times, Sharpton has $4.5 million in unpaid taxes. And he has never been held to account for it by the IRS.

Others like actor Wesley Snipes and singer Willie Nelson, who were both convicted of tax cheating, might want to find out how Sharpton does it?

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