Kim Jong Un Tests Boundaries Again, Trump Puts Him Back In The Kids’ Corner With An UNMISTAKABLE Warning!

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Trump just sent North Korea’s Kim Jong Un an unmistakable warning not to disappoint “his friend, President Trump”:

I think Trump realizes that while Kim didn’t violate any agreements he made with Trump, he’s not far from doing it. After all, one missile test occurred while Bolton was in South Korea.

Trump is trying to rein him in before things escalate even further, which is why Trump made those statements about Kim having a “beautiful vision”. While it makes me and you cringe to hear that, we know this is how Trump chooses to negotiate, especially when dealing with megalomaniacs like Kim.

Will this warning work? I seriously doubt it. The only thing Trump has accomplished with Kim thus far is to keep him quiet, and even that appears to be changing. Given Kim’s unwillingness to denuclearize and his unhappiness with negotiations, I think it’s only a matter of time before he starts launching ballistic missiles again.


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