Cats Out Of The Bag Now! There’s No Hope For The Corrupt And INEPT FBI Except A Complete Trump Reset!

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The FBI used and Wikipedia to research national security threats, according to a FBI Intelligence Bulletin.

The FBI referred to feckless Snopes as the “oldest and largest fact checking cite on the internet.”

It’s little wonder the FBI has problems acting on tips and investigating crimes a fifth-grader could crack, like corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

The Bureau used the research to largely conclude that conspiracy theorists — especially Conservatives — pose a risk to national security. There was no mention of the Florida school shooter who killed 19 people a month after the FBI was tipped off that the maniac was a ticking time bomb. And the FBI did nothing. Perhaps Snopes was offline at the time.

It’s a comfort to know the FBI is alo using Wikipedia for Intel purposes, especially since high school and college students are not allowed to use and cite the website as a source in basic research papers.

At least Snopes’ founder ran off with a porn star and allegedly fleeced the company financially while traveling the world with her. That makes Snopes — which has spread more lies than the Clinton family — a far better fit for a corruption-plagued FBI.

Via TruePundit

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