Again Trump Proves That Deranged Left Cares More About Fighting Trump Than Helping America

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Trump obviously realizes that his technique of trolling Democrats into defending the indefensible is still working, so don’t expect him to quit anytime soon.

This weekend Trump set his sights on Representative Elijah Cummings and his shambles of a district in Baltimore. Of course, Democrats and the media were quick to attack Trump’s Tweets without realizing they were being trolled yet again.

Trump did this same thing recently with his attacks on the so-called “squad”. Democrats were quick to stick up for the squad, defending their crazy and sometimes antisemitic rhetoric. This was a perfect example of Trump trolling Democrats and the media into defending the indefensible.


This weekend (and into this week) we are seeing the exact same thing play out.

Baltimore is by all measures a totally failing city. Baltimore has one of the highest poverty rates at over 20%, despite the surrounding state of Maryland as a whole being below the national average when it comes to poverty.

Baltimore is also leading the nation in many crime statistics. Baltimore is on track to top 300 murders for the 5th consecutive year. For comparison, Baltimore’s murder rate per 100,000 people was double that of crime-riddled Chicago.


Baltimore has had nothing but Democratic mayors since the 1980’s. The city government is mostly Democrat controlled, making it another example of how Democrat controlled cities are some of the worst run in the country.  So with his Tweets, Trump has cornered Democrats into defending Baltimore’s city management when it is completely indefensible.

Another aspect of Trump’s Tweets that his enemies still don’t get is the fact that Trump only starts fights when he knows it will favor him. Because of Trump’s bombastic style, his opponents often incorrectly believe he bluffs. But Trump almost never bluffs when it comes to starting public debates or arguments. If Trump starts a fight or an argument with someone he already knows he can win that argument on the facts.

In the case of Elijah Cummings, Trump is more than happy to compare his record as President with the record of Elijah Cummings and the rest of the Democrat controlled government in Baltimore. This comparison wildly favors Trump, so he is happy to have this discussion, and that’s why he made the Tweet.


The real reason that Democrats became so angry with Trump’s Tweet is that it looks to expose how much they have let down the African American community. For example, Baltimore is 62% black and they are suffering the most from from their city’s mismanagement and failed Democratic policies. Democrats can’t afford to lose any black voters in 2020. Even losing as few as 2-5% of black voters could make it mathematically impossible for them to win given the statistics from the 2016 election.

So once again, while the press and Democrats are up in arms over Trump’s latest tweets, he’s more than willing to have this be the topic of conversation for the next week.

(The Culture Chronicles)

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