Ilhan Omar Wants All White Men Labeled As Radical Terrorist Threat…Remind Me Again Who Caused 9/11?

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In an interview last year, Ilhan Omar was asked about the rise in fear of Muslims and how some say it’s really based on a legitimate fear of terrorism from Muslims and not based on hate. But Omar’s answer was to deflect away from Muslim terrorism, as if it’s not really a big deal:

Omar says “white men” are the real threat when it comes to terrorism and that is who Americans should fear the most. In fact she goes even further and says the US should have policies to profile and monitor white men in order to fight against the ‘radicalization’ of white men.

The host actually challenged Omar, suggesting that threat of Muslim terrorism is real, noting that in the last few years over 20 young men have left the Somali community in Minnesota to go fight in jihadist groups like ISIS and Al Shabab.

But still, when asked what we do about that, Omar wouldn’t answer the question directly. Instead she hemmed and hawed about how we should be more concerned with keeping Americans safe domestically and that any solution would be in our foreign policy and how we engage these communities…and then something about changing the rhetoric from politicians.

Just an absolutely horrible answer to a real issue, one that she’s apparently unwilling to even acknowledge.



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