Any Chance Of Impeaching Trump Just Got Buried Along With Democrats’ Chances Of Winning 2020!

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The senior national correspondent at ABC News echoed what we’ve already heard two hosts on MSNBC say today, except he was even more blunt about it:

Terry Moran says that after today’s hearing, “impeachment is over”. He argues there’s Pelosi isn’t going to allow her members to start impeachment hearings in the House when it would lose in the Senate and with the American people.

Moran said the problem for Democrats is that Mueller had to carry the weight of the impeachment narrative today and at the very least appear to be a “vigorous, strong, rock solid prosecutor.” But instead, Moran notes, Mueller “looked like somebody who’d slowed a step or two.” Yeah, that’s putting it nicely.

Moran even suggests that perhaps Mueller is as Republicans are now saying after the hearing, that he was just a figurehead for all these angry Democrats trying to do their dirty work. He’s not saying that explicitly, but by even mentioning it like this, he’s giving a nod to just how bad Mueller looked today.

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