HERE WE GO AGAIN! House Democrats Prepare For Another Embarrassing Defeat At The Hands Of Trump

House Democrats have just filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury Department and I bet every one of you can guess the reason why…

NY POST – House Democrats have upped the ante in their quest to see President Trump’s tax returns.

On Tuesday, House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal sued the Treasury Department in order to force the Internal Revenue Service to hand over the president’s returns.

Trump has never publicly released any of his tax returns, a break from presidential candidate tradition. He initially said during the 2016 campaign cycle that he would not be releasing them because he was under audit.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin – one of the president’s longest serving cabinet members – has denied multiple requests from the Democrats to turn over the returns since the party took back the House in January.

The Democrats filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court of the District of Columbia. It names the Treasury Department, the IRS, Mnuchin and Charles Rettig, the commissioner of the IRS as defendants.

The White House has yet to return a request for comment.

The fishing expedition continues!

So far Democrats haven’t been able to lay a glove on Trump and it’s July. They’ve been at this since they came into power at the beginning of the year and no doubt they are getting desperate. So desperate that they even convinced Mueller to testify even though he said he wouldn’t.

But what makes Democrats think that this lawsuit is going to happen quickly enough for them to get a verdict before next year’s elections? Any negative ruling by a lower court will be appealed by the Treasury Department and I guarantee you they won’t be in favor of fast-tracking the case.


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