President Trump CRUSHES Obama Legacy Once Again!

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Both President Trump and the RNC have just raised a huge amount of money for 2020, out-raising Obama and the DNC for the same period in 2011:

THE HILL – President Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Tuesday they had raised $105 million in the second quarter, a huge haul that is greater than what President Obama raised over a similar period in 2011.

The two entities reported a combined total of $100 million cash on hand, and raised more money online in the second quarter than in the entire first half of 2018, according to a campaign press release.

Trump and his committees raked in $54 million, while the RNC pulled in $51 million. It’s unclear from the release how many donors pledged money or how big their donations were.

Obama’s re-election campaign raised $47 million over the same period in 2011, while the Democratic National Committee took in $38 million.

The fundraising was attributed largely to TV and digital advertising, as well as other campaigns surrounding the 2020 election.

$105 million is a ton of money. It wouldn’t surprise me if they collectively reach a billion by next year’s general election.

But just as much as we need Trump to win, the RNC needs to help Republicans win back the House and bolster our majority in the Senate. Clearly what we have now isn’t working.

In related news, here’s a few tweets from Trump this morning:



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