From Bad To Worse! Biden Takes Another MAJOR LOSS After Poor Debate Performance

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MORE terrible news for the Democratic frontruner, Creepy Joe Biden. One of his top fundraiser is rescinding his support!

From the Hill:

Tom McInerney, a longtime San Francisco based lawyer, told CNBC that he informed Biden’s team on June 20 that he would no longer raise money for the campaign.

“I had actually let the campaign known I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney said, adding, “I would imagine I’m not alone.”

“I don’t think he did well last night,” he added, referring to Biden’s debate performance on Thursday night.

Wow. He certainly got clawed in the face by Kamala Harris, and he was almost universally declared a loser in the first debates.

In the first poll released after the debates, Biden lost a yuge 10% of support, most of which went to Kamala Harris. Not too bueno for ol’ Creepy Joe.


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