OFFICIAL: Kim Jong Un RUSHES To The DMZ To Shake Trump’s Hand!

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This just came in – North Korean totalitarian dictator Kim Jong Un will shake hands with President Donald Trump, just as he requested on Twitter.

Pretty incredible. It will definitely be a momentous and historic event. But if it doesn’t produce anything of substance, what does it matter? It will just be a nice photo op.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

Not quite a “tear down this wall,” but I guess it’s something.

UPDATE: Not to toot my own horn, but I predicted that dictator Kim would take him up on the offer. Here’s what I said in the original post:

It’ll be interesting to see if Kim takes him up on it. I would guess he will. He’s all about making meaningless gestures in order to garner substantive concessions, and this would be a YUGE but meaningless gesture.

Some are already proclaiming “peace in our times,” but perhaps we should wait and see what this actually produces, right?

UPDATE: It happened.



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