Drag Queens, Angry Moms, And…SNIPERS?! Here’s A Crazy Tale For Story Hour!

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This story is insane.

You’ve probably heard of Drag Queen Story Hour, where men dress as women and read to little kids. If you haven’t, check out the controversial public library trend here and here.

The New York Times is for it, via an op-ed: “Leave Drag Queen Story Hour Alone! Trump supporters think men in makeup are a bigger threat to family values than babies in cages.”

Note to the author: When a person is for or against a particular thing, it doesn’t mean they believe it is more or less important than another thing.

Regardless of what anyone believes about the concept of a manly Mother Goose, what happened on June 15th — if reports are to be believed — is flat-out crazy.

In Spokane, Washington, queens descended upon the South Hill Public Library. And it was chaos: approximately 300 people from a group called 500 Mom Strong came to protest; in opposition was another protest group numbering in the hundreds — 500 Drag Queen Strong.

Purportedly, over 30 police officers showed up. New Covenant Baptist Church Pastor Afhsin Yaghtin was arrested for obstructing an officer. He’d insisted he should be allowed to protest closer to the library than the designated area across the street.

Why all the cops?

From The Daily Caller:

[500 Mom Strong organizer Anna Bohach] believes the significant armed presence for the story hour could be a result of the counter-protest organization, 500 Drag Queen Strong, filing false police reports that her group made death threats against them. … She told The Daily Caller that instead, women from 500 Mom Strong have “received several death threats.”

The scene was tense, and emotions high.

Some women from 500 Mom Strong prayedAccording to Anna, 500 Drag Queen Strong “yelled and screamed.”

As for the goings-on inside the library, 500 Mom Strong ally Scott Herndon described what he observed in a Facebook post:

“She casts off her clothing in front of two and three-year-olds and four-year-olds, with her hairy armpits and her huge breasts pouring out of her minimal top, and now she’s gonna read this story.”

He wrote that two books were read: Princesses Don’t Always Wear Pink and A Family is a Family is a Family.

Justine Daily brought her two kids to the story time — 13-year-old Shannon, who is gay; and 6-year old Sean, who wore a dress in response to the protest he’d heard would be waiting. Justine’s husband, Goff, asserted, “If Jesus was around today, he would be on this side.”

Now here’s where insanity outdoes itself. This seems too absurd to be true. But if the claims are to be believed…well, here they are, from various sources. You decide:

The Spokesman-Review:

“They had way more (supporters) than we did, which I expected, but it went really well,” Bohach said. “The police presence was a little ridiculous. They had snipers on the roofs. They wouldn’t allow us into the library.”

You read that correctly: Snipers.

The Daily Caller:

A SWAT team of two snipers was stationed on the roof of [the] public library…

Bohach told the Caller a city councilman informed her the snipers were from a SWAT team.

From The Blaze:

There also were reports of alleged snipers dressed in camouflage on the library roof. A Spokane County 911 dispatcher supervisor said the individuals in question indeed were snipers “most likely” with the Spokane Police Department SWAT team as opposed to the county SWAT team, the Christian News reported.

As noted by TDC, Anna said a city councilman informed her that the next story time (set for June 22nd) would also be attended by the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

What the frick??

Do you believe there were snipers? Please sound off about all of this in the Comments section.

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