Was He Assassinated? Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi ‘Suddenly Dies’ In Court!

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The former Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt had just died after passing out in a courtroom in Egypt:

Morsi has spent over five years in prison after the current president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, ousted him in a coup and then arrested him. El-Sisi was Morsi’s military chief at the time and rescued the country from his authoritarian rule.

Morsi would have been put to death a long time ago, but I think that proved too difficult since Morsi had so many supporters, including Erdogan, the president of Turkey, who is also Muslim Brotherhood.

I’ve little doubt that Morsi’s death, especially happening like this, is going to cause protests and upheaval in the Middle East. I expect some very charged language coming from Erdogan as well, which will fuel the upheaval, as Morsi’s arrest and imprisonment has always been a huge point of contention between Turkey and Egypt.

Buckle up.



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