While Whining, Ilhan Omar Slips Up And ADMITS She’s Anti-Semitic On Live TV!

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Well here we go again with the stupid statements coming out of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This time she seems to admit that she’s anti-Semitic, but whines that people are using it against her!!

It’s a short video, check it out:

Yah! Sure, some people are anti-Semites, but some people are just “weaponizing” their anti-Semitism against them. Hmmm. Sooooo does that mean Ilhan Omar is admitting she’s an anti-Semite? Hmmm. Well that’s awkward.

And isn’t she having a great week? She got called out for her fake statistic on gun control, tried to defend it, and then fell flat on her burka. Poor thing.

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