FAKE NEWS: NYT Claims Intel. Officials Keeping Cyber-Attacks On Russia From Trump, There’s Just One GLARING Problem…

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The New York Times is reporting that intelligence officials are implementing cyber-attacks on Russia, but purposely keeping information about them from Trump.

According to the report, they’re doing this because they’re afraid he’ll undermine the attacks or tell the Russians about them?!

OK, so, given how bad the state of our politics is today, I wouldn’t be surprised at this report. But there’s one glaring problem with it. If they don’t want Trump to know, WHY would they leak it to the New York Times? Clearly that would be only to embarrass him. If attacking Russia is such a state security emphasis, why jeopardize it just to make Trump look stupid? Very odd report, and even more odd that no one sees this incongruity about the story. Or am I just crazy here?


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