Ever-Unpleased Liberals Are Now Mad That Men Are More Careful Around Women Post #MeToo

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These people are never happy.

A few years ago we were introduced to the #MeToo movement, which culminated most publicly with the attempted destruction of Juctice Kavanaugh. The idea that we should “believe all women” became canon in liberal circles to the point of absurdity. Have there been real problems with sexual harassment and assault among powerful men and female subordinates? Absolutely. Does that mean that it’s fair to generalize men as toxic predators and tacitly endorse the idea that proof isn’t needed? Of course not. In the midst of some very legitimate reports of abuse, there were men caught up in false allegations as well. Kavanaugh may be the most famous example, but he’s hardly the only one.

After the #MeToo movement became so high profile, a strange thing starting happening. Men got terrified of being falsely accused and started making behavioral changes in regards to their interactions with women.

CNBC recently ran an article titled “60% of male managers now say they’re uncomfortable participating in work activities with women.”

The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have brought huge attention to the challenges women face at work, but a new survey finds that 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable participating in regular work activities with women, including mentoring, working one-on-one or socializing.

According to the survey, released by and SurveyMonkey, that’s a 33% increase from last year.

Senior-level men also say they are 12 times more likely to be hesitant about one-on-one meetings with a junior woman than they are a junior man, nine times more likely to be hesitant to travel with a junior woman for work than a junior man, and six times more likely to be hesitant to have a work dinner with a junior woman than a junior man.

Who could have possibly foreseen this?

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