Wait…Jerry Nadler’s Star Witness Just Said He Isn’t A ‘Fact Witness’?! THEN WHY IS HE TALKING?!

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What does one do when you have no evidence of collusion but still need to stir the conspiracy pot to appease the bloodthirsty leftists?

If you’re House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, you call a witness to testify to Congress who has openly admitted he knows nothing about any of the current obstruction or collusion charges against President Donald Trump.

John Dean’s claim to fame is that he, facing criminal prosecution in 1972, turned on then-President Richard Nixon and exposed how he and Nixon tried to cover up their ties to the Watergate break-in. Dean spent four months in prison for — wait for it — obstruction charges.

He also can no longer practice as an attorney as he was permanently disbarred.

Disbarred. Permanently. To put that in perspective, even Michael Avenatti is still allowed to practice law.

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So why is a discredited John Dean being trotted out in front of Congress like he’s a smoking gun?

Jerry Nadler knows that “Russian collusion” investigation is over. And he knows the results were humiliating for those who have been banking on evidence that was never there.

But more importantly, Nadler knows the leftist media in this country are ready to give front page, all-day coverage to anything that smells like dirt on Trump. But the stench isn’t Trump.

The stink on this testimony is the obvious and desperate ploy of a national legislator putting a witness before Congress who knows absolutely nothing about any relevant matters. Nothing. Nada.

And I’m not the only one saying this.

I’ll give you 3 seconds to guess who else says that John Dean knows nothing about evidence of Trump’s collusion or obstruction.



ohn Dean himself. Yes, you read that right.

Dean, on CNN Monday morning, admitted, “I’m clearly not a fact witness.”

(It’s at the end of his quote here.)

Wait, what? Why the heck is Dean testifying? What juicy tidbits will Dean share if he doesn’t have facts?

“I hope I can give them some context and show them how strikingly like Watergate what we’re seeing now, and as reported in the Mueller report, is,” Dean explained, according to The Washington Post.

There you have it, America.

Dean will testify before Congress, as a disbarred criminal (and regular CNN commentator!) and compare his 40-year old criminal behavior to the current administration’s conduct — about which, he openly admits, he has no new facts.

A judge wouldn’t even allow this testimony in court if this were an actual trial. It’s so ridiculous that Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona published a commentary piece on Fox News Monday describing how,  when he first heard Dean was testifying, he thought his office was “punking” him.

I wish it was only that, Andy.

“Well, since Nixon wore a suit in the Oval Office while breathing out of his mouth hole and Trump does the same, I can say with confidence that the obstruction cases are very similar,” is as useful as anything Dean will say.

Dean could continue to pander to the mainstream media and testify to something like this, “Not only did Nixon work with lawyers and sit behind a desk, Trump also works with lawyers and has, believe it or not, has behind many desks.”

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, summed up the situation well in a Twitter post:

But leave it to Trump himself to put it perfectly:

The absurdity of this kind of theater is only surpassed by the fact that the left is scrambling to cover this development as if any comparisons will be proof of anything.

Let’s all say it together: “Dean knows no facts.”

Dean knows only the same facts about the collusion case that I know — facts available to literally every American via the Mueller report.

It truly reveals the heart of leftist thinking about Trump’s alleged collusion. Who needs facts when they can deliver speculation?

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