Man pulls gun on a couple in MAGA hats inside a Sam’s Club

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A Tennessee man named James Phillips was arrested after admitting that he pulled a gun on a couple after getting triggered by their MAGA hats.

The victim, Terry Pierce, told WBKO that Phillips pointed a gun in his face at a Sam’s Club in Kentucky and threatened to kill him.

Pierce says he was shopping with his wife when Phillips “pulled a .40 caliber out and stuck it in my face, backed up and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.’”

Phillips then ran off. Pierce followed him outside into the parking the lot. Phillips was unable to make a quick getaway because he had to wait for his mom, who was still shopping inside:

According to the police report, James Phillips admitted that he flipped off Terry Pierce and his wife after getting enraged at the sight of their MAGA hats.

He claimed that he pulled the gun because Pierce had tried to physically assault him, but surveillance video shows that Pierce never touched him.

yet another example of the alarming trend of leftists resorting to threats and violence against Trump supporters.

These incidents of harassment and bullying are becoming all too common

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