Malia Obama ARRESTED AGAIN – Typical Liberal Media Remains SILENT

The Obama family is royalty as far as the liberal media is concerned. Not only did they not mention Malia Obama’s arrest in 2016 for providing her little sister’s Girl Scout troop with “enough whip-its to drop a team of well-kept alpacas,”, but they failed to report Malia Obama’s bloogie arrest a month ago as well. It’s almost like you can’t report on anything that may or may not have happened just because there aren’t enough “sources.”

Last month, Malia was busted by campus security at Harvard as she and a friend were caught using a “white, powdery substance” in the women’s shower room. The family’s lawyer got them off because the powder, while technically “talcum,” wasn’t enough of an actual drug to charge them with, so we may never know what they were carrying since they were never strip-searched.

According to the report, Obama was found with “more than 11 grams” of essential oils that had she been in Alabama, would have been a felony. Once again, a formality like being a thousand miles away goes and gets in the way of justice.

Obama was held at the Harvard County Jail — which is nestled between Middlesex and Essex counties — but she was released the next day. We can’t confirm or deny that a report came in of a call from Obama in the middle of the night that may or may not have left Mistress Justice blind.

Strangely, not a single media organization reported on this — more evidence that the Deep State will stop at nothing to protect liberal Democrats from any scrutiny.

It’s time for these criminals to face the music for their actions. With Trump in office, we are seeing a return to the rule of law. Perhaps soon, every member of the Obama family will be behind bars. We all know they are all criminals.

Via ConservativeFlash

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