Liberals Are In An UPROAR After One Democratic Governor VETOES National Popular Vote Bill

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Democrats are still stewing about Trump losing the popular vote in 2016 but winning the electoral college votes to become president. And in Nevada, the legislature tried to do something about it and passed a bill that would have pledged their electoral votes to whoever won the national popular vote.

But their Democratic governor just put the kibosh on this bill with a big fat veto:

In other words the governor is saying this ridiculous law could take their state’s voice away when they feel they need it most.

For example let’s pretend the opposite happened in 2016, that Trump won the popular vote but Hillary won the electoral college. If Democratic states like Nevada had a new law like this, they’d be obliged to give their electoral votes to Trump and could end up giving him the victory over Hillary.

Nevada Independent explains it this way:

If approved, the bill would have tied Nevada to a compact of states agreeing to pledge their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, but would only take effect until enough states had joined the compact to eclipse the 270 electoral vote threshold. So far, 15 states with a total of 189 electoral votes have joined the compact, with Colorado, Delaware and New Mexico approving laws to join the initiative.

They are 81 electoral votes away from turning this into a reality. I should remind you that Hillary only got 227-ish electoral votes in 2016 so it seems like an uphill battle for this to reach 270.

But even if it did could it withstand a court challenge? I doubt it.


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