MAGA WIN: Brian Kolfage And ‘We Build The Wall’ Are Back On Track And Full Steam Ahead!

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Earlier this week we reported on the big news that Brian Kolfage’s group that’s been raising money on GoFundMe had built a mile stretch of wall in New Mexico.

Shortly after the news broke the mayor of Sunland Park, where the wall is being built, made them stop building the wall because he claimed that they didn’t have their permits and inspections in order. The group claimed that wasn’t true.

Well, all of that is water under the bridge now, as the group has been allowed to continue with the correct permitting:

CBS This Morning actually did an interview with Kolfage about this new stretch of wall they’ve built:

I love how people are so quick to criticize, claiming this won’t make much difference in the whole scheme of things. But Kolfage points out that they aren’t trying to build an entire wall, just sections of wall in communities that need them to stop illegal immigration.

In fact Kolfage claims that the section he’s just built has averaged 1,000 illegal crossing every day this year:

And last but not least, the Washington Times is reporting that Kolfage has at least 10 more projects in the pipeline:

The man behind an online fundraising campaign to build a privately funded barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border says his group has 10 more projects in the pipeline but he declined to provide details about where the sections of wall would be located.

Veteran Brian Kolfage made the announcement during a news conference in Sunland Park, New Mexico, where We Build the Wall Inc. has been installing a concrete and metal barrier on private property.

Sounds like Kolfage is working with a full head of steam and he’s still raising money like a boss. They are currently at 23.1 million at the time of this post.



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