Liz Cheney Sends Chills Down Strzok & Page’s Spines – Anti-Trump Texts ‘Could Well Be Treason’

This is a great clip by Liz Cheney where she’s not afraid to call it like she sees it while defending the investigation of AG Barr:

I love how Cheney forced the interview go to on her terms. The ABC host wanted to talk about Trump’s tweeting and Cheney’s like ‘hey remember Strzok and Page’?

Also she hits back at the media untruth that Congress didn’t get the full Mueller report, noting that only small parts of it weren’t seen by members of Congress and that was due to the law.

And lastly, I’m so glad Cheney said that she had full confidence in AG Barr and his judgment when declassifying information. The ABC host and others in the media would have you believe that he’s going to compromise sources and methods, which is absurd. If he were reckless and imprudent he wouldn’t have stood his ground protecting the grand jury information in the Mueller report.


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